Source Sans Pro

The font Source Sans Pro shall be used in all marketing for Powel.

Source Sans is a modern Sans Serif font that is free, web-safe and flexible. It is available for download and synchronisation via both Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts.

View the full font on Google Fonts.

Weights and Typographical Hierarchy

In order to support Powel’s clean and environmentally friendly values, typography shall be set up in a manner that yields light and bright text surfaces.

Title and main heading

Body text



Vignettes, subheadings and navigation paths.

Italics of all weights may be used for emphasis, but may also be used in, e.g., info boxes and quotes.

Line spacing:
Body text, subheadings, and ingresses have a line spacing that is 130% of text size. Captions and vignettes/paths are set at 120% line spacing (default). The line spacing of headers is calculated at 115%.