Brand Story

Powel is the realisation of more than 50 years of solid professional expertise, creative enthusiasm and willingness to digitise socially critical infrastructures. Ever since Powel’s forward-thinking founders delivered the first digital solution for the documentation of power grids in 1985 (on tape!), we have continued to simplify complex structures and data to make them valuable, accessible and understandable for an increasingly diverse range of user groups.

All of Powel’s clients conduct crucial social missions. They ensure an optimal power market, safe drinking water, electricity in every plug, light and heat in our houses and homes, and safe traffic in the communal infrastructure of our roads, parks and landscapes. And these are just a few of our clients’ responsibilities.

At Powel, we are proud and humbled to play a part in these missions. By working closely with committed clients, we have proven that our solutions contribute to value-added, sustainable and secure social development. We are confident that our unique combination of technological understanding, domain knowledge and user insight enable us to do things that others can only dream or talk about.

With sincere concern for each and every person who uses a Powel solution, we create the right solution for the right job – for the right user. We connect people to information and ensure that things ‘talk to each other’ — on human terms.

Powel’s future and aspirations are rooted in our ability and willingness to contribute to sustainable growth and development for our clients and the communities they serve all over the world. We know that to achieve this goal, we must continue to demonstrate the intrepidness and ambitions that established Powel in the business, while also taking advantage of the full breadth of our experience, which allows us to see new opportunities and to act as a guide for clients and industry in an increasing number of locations throughout the world. That’s why our mottos is ‘Software for Sustainable Growth’ – for communities, for people and for business.

Our Purpose, Method and Impact

Powel’s ‘Purpose, Method and Impact’ is a brief, straight-forward explanation about what we wish to accomplish, how we wish to do so, and what impact this has on the world. These three axes commit us to our greater purpose, helping us to develop the right stories, images and points in our communication with the market.


We work to promote sustainable societies by enabling service providers within the energy and critical infrastructure sectors to fully optimise and exploit their resources.


Combined with more than 50 years of IT and domain knowledge, our unique approach to client collaboration enables us to provide software and services that transform complexity into insight, understanding and customer value.


With Powel’s solutions, our clients can contribute to more sustainable societies, where everyone has access to the services they need to feel safe, informed and included.

Our Slogan (Tagline)

Our slogan expresses the core of our business, and applies across all our business areas.

Software for sustainable growth

The slogan specifically expresses that we are a software company and that the fundamental value of our solutions is sustainable growth.

Sustainable growth means that we help communities to conserve resources, evolve and grow in sustainable and environmentally sensible ways. At the same time, we help our clients to become financially and commercially robust and sustainable by providing solutions and services that streamline operations, conserve resources and strengthen market reputation. Thus, sustainable growth is at the core of what Powel offers to clients and communities.

Slogan Use

General guidelines for slogan use.  When and how should the slogan be used? Can it stand alone, or must it always be paired with the Powel logo? Are other translated variants permitted, or must the slogan be in English? Etc.